Beat the Post-Break Chattiness!

My students returned from Spring Break last Monday, and let’s just say… we weren’t accomplishing much. Does this picture sound familiar? The first half of the day they were zombies, and the second half of the day they came alive and didn’t want to stop talking about all of their Spring Break adventures! We have ISATS (our Idaho standardized test) right around the corner (as in, starting Tuesday!) and I knew this week needed to be extra productive! So I {Read More}

Self Starts, Lunch Choice and Attendance Management and a Glass Magnet Tutorial

Wow, what a blur this last two weeks has been!  My fifth graders are a blast, but I must admit that I am pulling every classroom management trick out of my pocket to keep this super talkative bunch focused! Today I’m going to share with you two things that I do every morning to get the kids working right away, and to keep us on schedule! 1. Self Starts: When the students come in every morning, they know to expect {Read More}

Ink Removal Tutorial and a Back-to-School {Freebie} !

I’ve been hard at work creating my Back-to-School Challenger/”I’m Done Now What” Packet for my TPT store.  And a bit later in this post, I can’t wait to share a Freebie from that packet with you. But first- a slightly off topic tutorial. Yesterday I left my 2-year-old at home with her Daddy while I went out grocery shopping.  I came home to this piece of “artwork” on my NEW white micro-suede couch: Yes. Let’s all collectively gasp while we {Read More}

Keep a ‘You Time’ Drawer {Freebie}

As teachers we are surrounded all day long by 30 something children.  On any given day, two or three of those students may be needing something, when your principal walks in for an impromptu evaluation, a parent emails you requesting a conference that day, and if your life is anything like mine, you were probably running late to work that day because you couldn’t get your toddler to eat breakfast that morning!  It’s times like these that I take those {Read More}