Keep a ‘You Time’ Drawer {Freebie}

As teachers we are surrounded all day long by 30 something children.  On any given day, two or three of those students may be needing something, when your principal walks in for an impromptu evaluation, a parent emails you requesting a conference that day, and if your life is anything like mine, you were probably running late to work that day because you couldn’t get your toddler to eat breakfast that morning!  It’s times like these that I take those 10 precious recess minutes to dive into my “Me Time” drawer.

A “Me Time” drawer can contain anything that calms you down, and lifts your spirit up.  The sky is really the limit! It’s all about whatever makes you happy and will give you a few minutes to regroup, while focusing on yourself.  Remember you?!

My “Me Time” drawer contains:

  • A note my principal gave me on a tough day which lists 10 reasons why she thinks I’m a great teacher
  • A DIY Stress Ball (see a tutorial here– Note: You can use flour or play-dough inside as well)
  • Pictures of my daughter
  • Dove Chocolates!
  • A little book filled with some of my favorite motivational quotes (see Freebie printable below!)
  • My favorite lipgloss and 
  • Travel Sized ‘Brown Sugar and Fig’ Lotion from Bath and Body Works
  • A few cards/pictures past students have made me

If you have ditched your desk, another idea is to use a box and keep it in your classroom closet (if you have one!)

Do you have a “Me Time” drawer?  What’s in it? 

Click the pic below to download.

I LOVE this quote because it reminds me that all of the little things we do as teachers add up over time, even when it sometimes seems like progress isn’t being made!


  1. You have so many great ideas! I am your newest follower and a fellow 4th grade teacher! I found you one Teaching Blog Addict. Come check out my blog:
    Fancy Free in Fourth

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  3. I just realized I pasted the wrong link…sorry. I will be making a me drawer. =)

    I am going to share this idea with others too! =)

    Heather’s Heart

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