Beat the Post-Break Chattiness!

My students returned from Spring Break last Monday, and let’s just say… we weren’t accomplishing much. Does this picture sound familiar? The first half of the day they were zombies, and the second half of the day they came alive and didn’t want to stop talking about all of their Spring Break adventures! We have ISATS (our Idaho standardized test) right around the corner (as in, starting Tuesday!) and I knew this week needed to be extra productive! So I whipped up this little activity:
Spring Break~ Brain Break!

 Just make a copy for each student, and tell them the rules. The rules in my classroom are:
1.   Each student can sign one of their own boxes (like a free space)
2.   You can only have a classmate sign ONE of your boxes.
3.   You have to ASK your classmate what they’ve done- this means that one person can’t stand in the corner yelling “I saw a movie!” while everyone trudges over to get their paper signed. Instead, they have to go up to one person, and ask questions from their paper like, “Did you sit in a hot tub?” until they have a match!
4.   I give them about 10 minutes, and whoever gets the most names on their paper gets a small prize- I like to give Free Time on the class iPods because the kids love it and it costs me nothing!
If you’d like a copy of this for FREE, just click the picture to download it from my TPT store. I hope your students love it!

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