Ink Removal Tutorial and a Back-to-School {Freebie} !

I’ve been hard at work creating my Back-to-School Challenger/”I’m Done Now What” Packet for my TPT store.  And a bit later in this post, I can’t wait to share a Freebie from that packet with you. But first- a slightly off topic tutorial.

Yesterday I left my 2-year-old at home with her Daddy while I went out grocery shopping.  I came home to this piece of “artwork” on my NEW white micro-suede couch:

Yes. Let’s all collectively gasp while we realize that that is black pen on a white couch.  I attacked my computer for tutorials, and came up with nothing, until I read somewhere that alcohol can be used to remove pen.  I also read that a toothbrush can be used to help refluff the fabric once you’ve rubbed the heck out of it.  I started the process by trying to use alchohol swabs that we had sitting around, and those didn’t do anything.  I think they did not have enough alcohol in them.  So then I moved on to alcohol soaked cotton balls.  Here is a picture of my gathered supplies:

The trick was this: Apply the alcohol with one cotton ball, and RUB RUB RUB.  Blotting didn’t do anything!  THEN, use a dry cotton ball to wipe up the excess stain and alcohol.  Then repeat this process over and over and over.

After about 25 minutes, I was almost done.  After I used several more cotton balls to soak up any excess alcohol I lightly went over the whole area with a toothbrush to “refluff” the fabric.  If you can believe your eyes, this is the final product:

Perhaps this will come in handy in the classroom sometime if you have couches, chairs, or fabric covered bulletin boards in your classroom!

Now onto the {freebie}!

 Every single month of the school year, I provide my students with a really fun packet of 20 or more activity pages.  These pages include math, writing, reading, history, puzzles, and coloring activities, and my students know that when they are done completing an assignment, this packet can be the answer to “I’m Done, Now What?”  For me, these packets work better than centers because I usually have had large classes ( over 30 students) and when too many students group together at an Early Finisher center they can tend to become a distraction.
This year I decided to rework and revamp and refreshen my packets!  Because the activities are hand created by me, the packets take a lot of time to make, so I’m not quite done with the September/Back-to-School Packet.  But I wanted to give you a preview, and so here it is:

Click to Download
Most of the pages in these packets are appropriate for 3rd-6th grade, but they could also be used as enrichment or challenge activities for younger students. If you like this download, please check back! I will be posting the link to the entire packet when it is done!


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