New Classroom Colors and my first Monday Made It!

Last year when I found out I’d been hired to teach 5th grade after a two year hiatus to stay home with my daughter, it was 3 days before school started! I barely had time to clean and somewhat setup my classroom, let alone plan my classroom décor or put together any organizational systems. Throughout the entire year I kept a list of tasks I wanted to achieve this summer- the first being completely overhauling my classroom ‘style’.  I’ve never {Read More}

Dyeing Pocket Charts Black: What NOT to do. And then more… of what not to do.

Disclaimer:This post does not end well. I just wanted to warn you now so you don’t feel cheated at the end. 🙂 I hate my blue pocket charts. Hate. They have never gone with my classroom colors, and this year, I happened upon this website via Pinterest which I thought just might change my life. This teacher’s website said that she simply dyed her pocket charts black using RIT dye. ‘Yes! Of Course! Why didn’t I think of that?’ I {Read More}

{Giveaway Winners!}

Congratulations to entrants ‘Andrea’ and ‘Mandy’!  You are the newest owners of my May Early Finisher/Challenger Packets! Check your emails ladies! I hope you enjoy them!! If you didn’t win, you can pick one up for $4 in my TPT store!

MAY Early Finisher/Challenger Packets {GIVEAWAY} !

Happy Spring! The weather here has been fabulous and don’t my kids know it! They are aching to be outside, but we’ve been stuck inside taking LOTS of standardized tests. I kept them busy with my “Testing Boot Camp” (future post to come on that!), but this is our last week of testing and then we’ll be done! Wahoo! My school does ‘hub’ style testing for certain tests- meaning that instead of the whole class going in together, they call {Read More}

Beat the Post-Break Chattiness!

My students returned from Spring Break last Monday, and let’s just say… we weren’t accomplishing much. Does this picture sound familiar? The first half of the day they were zombies, and the second half of the day they came alive and didn’t want to stop talking about all of their Spring Break adventures! We have ISATS (our Idaho standardized test) right around the corner (as in, starting Tuesday!) and I knew this week needed to be extra productive! So I {Read More}

“Snowmen at Night” Chalk Art! {Art Lesson Tutorial}

 A few weeks ago Jen over at Runde’s Room posted about a super cute art project called ‘Catching Snowflake’s that she had done with her 5th/6th graders, via an idea posted at Artisen de Arts.  I had never been to this art blog and now I am hooked!  She has so many awesome ideas that are perfect for 5th graders to take art a little further than just cutting and pasting. One idea that I loved was working on blending, {Read More}

February Packet Winners!

Congratulations to entrants ‘AMC’ and ‘Holly Snyder’!  You are the newest owners of my February Early Finisher/Challenger Packets! Check your emails ladies! I hope you enjoy them!! If you didn’t win, you can pick one up for $4 in my TPT store. Just click one of the pics below.:) My kiddos have been hard at work on these this week.  I even saw some students dusting off the dictionaries to help with some of the activities- love that!

February Early Finisher Packets are here! {Giveaway}

Hello friends! It’s been a while!  Fortunately some important things were getting accomplished during that time. I finished my Masters program in Educational Technology! Wahoo! It’s done! I was actually done a few days before Christmas (when I submitted my Thesis) and between then and now I went into a sort of vegetative state where I didn’t want to do ANYTHING that had ANYTHING to do with being on the computer! But of course, I can never stay away for {Read More}

Liebster Award and TPT Cyber Sale!

Today is a great day!  First, after more than a few hours in the “office” today, I am almost completely done with Trimester 1 report cards!  Second, TPT’s Cyber Monday Sale starts tomorrow (and yes, my items are 28% off!).  And last but not least, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Where the Wild Things Learn! (Don’t you just love her blog name?) So what is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to up {Read More}

Veterans Day Ideas and Tell Me Somethin Good!

Today I’m going to link up with Rowdy in First Grade’s Linky party “Tell Me Something Good” because it fits so well with what I was planning to blog about today anyway:  Our Fifth Grade Veterans Day Program! Something good at School: On Friday we had our Fifth Grade Veterans Day program.  By the way, did you know that Veterans Day is traditionally written without an apostrophe?  This is something I learned this week!  Anyway, at my school the Veterans {Read More}