Banyan Trees and Babies!

Hello friends! It has been a hot minute (9 months) since I’ve posted new content, hasn’t it?  I’ll explain my absence further down in this post, but first let me start by sharing a beautiful art project with you that my 5th graders absolutely loved. First, let me say that I did not invent this art project. You’ve probably seen these trees floating around your Pinterest feed if you’ve searched for upper elementary art lessons before.  But I’m here to {Read More}

“Snowmen at Night” Chalk Art! {Art Lesson Tutorial}

 A few weeks ago Jen over at Runde’s Room posted about a super cute art project called ‘Catching Snowflake’s that she had done with her 5th/6th graders, via an idea posted at Artisen de Arts.  I had never been to this art blog and now I am hooked!  She has so many awesome ideas that are perfect for 5th graders to take art a little further than just cutting and pasting. One idea that I loved was working on blending, {Read More}

Brighten up your room with this “I am” Art Project

A few weeks ago I was over at the amazing Runde’s Room, and I LOVED this project she posted where she incorporated poetry into an art lesson.  It reminded me of a self esteem-building “I am” poetry lesson that I had done in the past, and I decided I had to combine the two right away!  Thanks again to Jen for inspiring this idea! “I am” Poetry Art In order to write their ‘I am’ poems and complete this art {Read More}

Sunset Silhouettes: An Art Lesson that will Wow!

Last week we had parent back-to-school night, and I knew I needed something on the wall that would WOW my parents.  So I decided to do one of my all time favorite art projects:  Sunset Silhouettes These are great because they are so easy to make, but they look like some hard work went into them!  I break the project into two days.  First start by gathering your materials: Day 1 1.) Gather your materials:  White Construction paper cut to {Read More}