A Chair Facelift and Scrumptious Brown Banana Muffins

It’s Monday again! Yahoo! Not normally a day many look forward to, but not everyone has ‘Monday Made It’ in their lives! They’re missing out!   Made it for School: Chair Facelift About 5 years ago, a friend of mine was getting rid of this strange little chair and I thought it would be the perfect accessory to my classroom library corner.  It was! The kids loved it, and it became the “Star of the Week” chair.  Then I took {Read More}

New Classroom Colors and my first Monday Made It!

Last year when I found out I’d been hired to teach 5th grade after a two year hiatus to stay home with my daughter, it was 3 days before school started! I barely had time to clean and somewhat setup my classroom, let alone plan my classroom décor or put together any organizational systems. Throughout the entire year I kept a list of tasks I wanted to achieve this summer- the first being completely overhauling my classroom ‘style’.  I’ve never {Read More}

Dyeing Pocket Charts Black: What NOT to do. And then more… of what not to do.

Disclaimer:This post does not end well. I just wanted to warn you now so you don’t feel cheated at the end. 🙂 I hate my blue pocket charts. Hate. They have never gone with my classroom colors, and this year, I happened upon this website via Pinterest which I thought just might change my life. This teacher’s website said that she simply dyed her pocket charts black using RIT dye. ‘Yes! Of Course! Why didn’t I think of that?’ I {Read More}

Self Starts, Lunch Choice and Attendance Management and a Glass Magnet Tutorial

Wow, what a blur this last two weeks has been!  My fifth graders are a blast, but I must admit that I am pulling every classroom management trick out of my pocket to keep this super talkative bunch focused! Today I’m going to share with you two things that I do every morning to get the kids working right away, and to keep us on schedule! 1. Self Starts: When the students come in every morning, they know to expect {Read More}

My Blank Classroom Canvas!

I shared in my last post that I was recently thrown into a 5th grade teaching position at the last minute! Well, not really thrown, I CHOSE to accept it.  But it was last minute, nonetheless! I promised before and after pictures, and I plan to deliver!But today, you only get to see the ‘before’. Once the ‘After’ is perfected, I’ll post those pics too! The view from the hallway door, looking towards the back door.  My desk and closet {Read More}