Pin it to Win IT! And TWO huge reasons I am celebrating this year!

Hello out there! I was on a blogging hiatus for the last month while I buckled down to get my classroom ready for this school year, spend some good quality time with my family, and then last week- greeted my new 5th grade students! And let me just say- I have a feeling this year is going to be AWESOME! But before I get into sharing all about my new kiddos and what is new in my classroom, check out {Read More}

5 DIY Teaching-Partner Appreciation Gift Ideas for Back to School

Today I was thinking about my old teaching partner Jill, and how she always made the cutest gifts for each member of our teaching team to kick off the new school year.  I’ve always seen a ton of super cute teacher appreciation gifts posted on mommy blogs and Pinterest, and with a couple tweaks, I think these are also perfect for making a fun and hopefully useful gift for your fave teaching partner bestie or co-worker! And we all know {Read More}