Teaching Text Structure and (finally!) October Early Finisher Packets!

Wow! How time flies when one is sick!  I have majorly neglected my blog baby this past two weeks and for that- I apologize!  Now that my health is coming around, I’d like to share a little something we did last week!

Teaching Text Structure

I always find that my students have a challenging time grasping text structure.  This year I really wanted to do something that we could refer back to throughout the year as we continue to experience new kinds of text structure.
Lesson Introduction : We began be discussing what structure is, but looking up the word in the dictionary, and discussing the MANY different definitions.  Then we brainstormed different structures that we knew of, and did a quick google image search on ‘structure’ as well.  Then to make the connection to text, we talked about how writers ‘build’ their stories with words.

1. As you make your way into the body of the lesson, you’ll need 2 books about one topic- one fiction and one non-fiction.  For example, I grabbed a chapter book from a series about a girl who rides horses, and a nonfiction book about horses.  We discussed that although the books share a subject (horses), the authors have very different purposes, and therefore they need to use very different STRUCTURES when building their stories/books.  This analogy seemed to really start making sense to them!
2. Text Structure Foldable- Get the fold-able ready by folding a piece of construction paper in half, and cutting six even flaps.  Have students label each flap with the name of one of the major text structures:

We are going to cover one text structure in detail each week, and write the details inside the flap including specific word that you often see in that type of structure.  This week we did cause and effect.  Right now our read aloud is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and there are tons of specific cause and effect events in this story, so it was the perfect text structure to start with!

October Early Finisher or Challenger Activity Packets are here!

Better late then never, right? My own students have been begging me daily for their October packets, so I finally put my runny nose to the grindstone and got them done. You can purchase them (or download a preview) at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you don’t know what an Early Finisher/Challenger Packet is, you can view my previous post about how I use them here.

I tried to include a lot of creative activities in this one~ I really hope you like it!  If you decide to pick one up I’d appreciate any feedback!

Happy teaching,



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