SOS! New job assignment and school starts in 2 days! Help!

Hey everyone! I am always amazed at the twists and turns my life takes when I least expect it, and these last few days exemplified that!
I have yet to share my current teaching position on this blog.  That is because I took off the last two years to stay home with my now-two-year-old daughter.  This summer I have been applying for jobs both with my previous local school district, and with two online schools.  The goal was to secure a job in a virtual school so that I could work from home and be with my daughter.  Both online schools had offered me job opportunities, but both came without medical benefits, and neither had a guaranteed contract length, so I hadn’t accepted either one.  As I was hmming and hawing over what to do, I got a call on Thursday from my previous principal in the local school district who said our mutual friend/colleague (the principal of another school) had a last minute 5th grade opening, and she wanted to bring me in for an interview. WHAT?! Within hours, I was in the school interviewing and by Thursday night, I had accepted the job offer!!!  While this is extremely exciting news, it comes with some freak out moments:

1. School starts on TUESDAY!

2. I have never taught 5th grade before.

3. I have to leave my daughter for the first time 🙁

On Friday morning, I was able to see my classroom for the first time.  This school is about a gazilion times newer, bigger, and more modern than my last school.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of my classroom, in which I will be starting the year with 31 students.  I was NOT-so-plesantly surprised to find that the previous veteran teacher had left behind 20 years of papers, junk, and general mess. Ugh!  I spent the entire day Friday just cleaning and tossing stuff!  Today (Saturday) I was back in the classroom first thing this morning and finally started getting some things on the walls and files in the cabinets.  I have 2 more days until Meet-The-Teacher night which takes place Monday at 4pm.  I took a ton of before pics, and when this baby is all spruced up, I will give you guys an AWESOME before and after pics post~ My favorite kind of posts to do!

I am totally in stealth teacher mode, and loving it! Although I have been bone tired at the end of these last two days, I can’t sleep due to my brain running a thousand miles a minute.  I have also been snatching up TPT items like crazy!

 Here’s what I need from you all: Links and tips pointing me to anything that you think I should read or buy that will help me get going on my 5th grade adventure!   

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