November “Early Finisher”, and FB and Twitter in the classroom?

Hello all!  Let’s start off my first November post with my first link-up to Farley’s Currently!  Here is my November Currently:


Does anyone have any CUTE yet COMFY shoes to recommend?  I’m having an issue walking that fine line between comfy and FRUMPY – but my feet are killing me at the end of the day!  How are your feet?  What kind of shoes do you wear?

If you are not acquainted with George Winston, head over to Pandora right now!  I could ‘create’ all day to his super relaxing music, especially his ‘December’ album.  Ahhhhhh.  That is, I could create all day if I didn’t have Little Einsteins blaring in the background…

Now onto the rest!

My kiddos are obsessed with Social Media– especially since they are in the verge of pre-teenness in 5th grade.  Somewhere on Facebook a few months back I saw this GENIUS idea of bringing social media into the classroom in a SAFE way via what I call a “Status Update” board.  Feast your eyes on this piece of Early Finisher/Learning check-in goodness:


I created the board out of blue paper (but blue fabric would be even better!).  Then I created printed off a white strip for each student to use as their “Status Update”, and laminated each strip.  Students use Vis-a-Vis markers to write on and wipe off their updates each day!  I gave the students some guidelines as far as what and when they could and couldn’t write their status, for example:

1. You must write at least 1 status update each day that includes something you have learned that day in school.
2. You are not allowed to write anything that might make someone else feel badly.
3. You are allowed to change your status when all of your work is done (Early Finisher activity!)

You all know that I love Early Finisher activities!  And…

 November’s Early Finisher/Challenger Packet for Grades 3-6 is finally posted!  You’ll find it in my TPT store.
And due to customer request, I have also created a “FALL Early Finisher Bundle” which includes each packet from the months of September, October, and November which you can pick up at my TPT store as well.
I’m excited about some fun new and challenging activities that are in November’s packet! Check ’em out below:

November-Early-Finisher-cover November-Early-Finisher-2 black-friday magic-square

If you’re not sure what an Early Finisher/Challenger Packet is or you want to find out how I use them in my classroom, click HERE to find out! I hope you find them useful!


  1. I hear you about comfy shoes!! I am really enjoying my boots right now – they are Blondo black zip ups!!'paulina'_boot:564518&cm_pla=shoes:women:boots&cm_ven=GPLACA&mr:ad=20585061713&mr:adType=pla&mr:filter=41084235353&mr:keyword={keyword}&mr:match={matchtype}&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=39D25544-990D-E211-9A4A-90E2BA0278A8&origin=pla

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  2. LOVE the blog header! You’re the second person to mention the George Winston station on the Currently, I’ll have to check it out!

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