I’m Done, Now What? Early Finisher Activities

Ahh. There’s the question we all hear- probably at least once a day.  When I’m walking around helping individual students, or working with a small group during reading workshop or centers, every student that needs to know ‘What to do now?’ is interrupting valuable teaching time.

For a while my students had three pretty generic options if they were early finishers:
3.) Finish any other unfinished work

I soon realized that this time could be put to better use!  So by my second year of teaching I had come up with an idea: Early Finisher packets.  I began to put these packets together every month and filled them with seasonal and relevant activities that were somewhat challenging.  Everything from Brain Teasers to Word Problems to Crosswords and Science Word Searches. Many of the activities involve critical thinking skills.  The kids LOVE them!  I just print them all off at the beginning of the month, and they keep the packet in their desk or binder to pull out whenever needed.  I also offer Carlson Cash (as part of my classroom economy) to any student that finishes the whole packet.  And one last fun touch?  The cover is always used for a coloring contest, voted upon by the students.

This year I decided to recreate the packets to make them even better!  I designed them with the average 5th grader in mind, so the packets can be used in two ways:

3rd and 4th grade: Print them of for a few students, or for a whole class, who need enrichment
5th and 6th grade: Print them off for the whole class as an early finisher activity

Click the pics below to check out this packet on TPT!

If you like this packet, check back as I will be posting a new one at the beginning of every month!

On the topic of Early Finishers, what activities do you use in your classroom for students who finish early?


  1. I just discovered these and I love them! Will you have any for March this year?


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