5 DIY Teaching-Partner Appreciation Gift Ideas for Back to School

Today I was thinking about my old teaching partner Jill, and how she always made the cutest gifts for each member of our teaching team to kick off the new school year.  I’ve always seen a ton of super cute teacher appreciation gifts posted on mommy blogs and Pinterest, and with a couple tweaks, I think these are also perfect for making a fun and hopefully useful gift for your fave teaching partner bestie or co-worker!

And we all know that with the beginning of the school year, our wallets are empty and our calendars are full, so the ideas I chose to include in this roundup (from all around the web) are generally easy and inexpensive to make or purchase!

1. Teacher Goodie / Toolbox

{Photo Credit: Eighteen25.blogspot.com}

This super cute box is cute, easy to make, and with the right scrapbook paper (real or digital) can be made to match the lucky teacher’s room theme! Click here for a tutorial from Eighteen25.blogspot.com.  I think the bow is really cute, but if you use the box a lot, it could get in the way, so another option is to glue the ribbon around the box, and then create a separate bow, and glue it near (but not over) the opening.

2. Teacher Treat Can

One of my student’s moms made this for me one year, and I have found endless uses for it!  The best part is that you can take out the insert, and make a new one each year to match your theme.  Need ideas for what to put inside?  Head to the Dollar Store to grab some cute office supplies on the cheap.  Or fill it up with her favorite candy.  I used mine to hold Popsicle sticks containing my students names, and used it to pick a student when needed, so you could also fill it with 30 jumbo Popsicle sticks. Click here for a tutorial from The Crafting Chicks.

3. A Yummy Snack with a “Pun-y” Saying

{Photo Credit: Bethapalooza.blogspot.com}

There are a million cute ideas out there for a yummy drink or snack with a cute little message- these are so cheap you could make one for every teacher in your building if you wanted! In these notes, replace the words “we’re” to “I”, and “teacher” with ” teaching partner” or “co-worker”, and voila! And to make it even easier, click here to download a candy bar wrapper template!

4. Personalized Clipboard

{Photo Credit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Slimdigm}

 Isn’t this so cute! Much more fun to use then boring old brown!  The one in this picture is from Slimdigm’s Etsy shop, but you can make them yourself by following this tutorial.  You can also make matching clothespins using the same modpodge technique.

5. Starburst “You’re the Star” Cup

{Photo Credit: http://besewcrafty.blogspot.com}

Okay, so technically this could go in the ‘snack’ category, but I love these straw cups so much that I thought they deserved their own category!  If you haven’t picked up one of these baby’s yet, head out to any local grocery store and grab one for around $6 bucks. My sister bought me mine, and I’ve been drinking about twice as much water each day ( a good thing for anyone! ).  I don’t know why, but I do. Click here to download printable “You’re the Star of Our School” Tags!

6. Teacher Besties Shirts!

Okay this idea isn’t DIY, but I had to include my favorite “Teacher Bestie” shirts!  What would I do without my teacher bestie to cover my class when I have to pee?  Or to pick up my coffee on mornings I’m running behind?  I have no clue! What else does your teacher bestie do for you that you appreciate?  You can pick up these tees in lots of fun colors in my Teacher Life Shop here.

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